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I'm in, B*tches! 

Selling can be SUPER, SUPER, FUN and you can have soul mate clients reaching out asking to buy your stuff EVERYDAY.

(no I'm not making this up!!) 

There is NO need for a complicated funnel.

There is no need for 500 testimonials.

There is no need for long, never-ending freebies.


You can attract the clients your soul desires through your CONTENT.

This is how I've grown to be a multi six figure business in under 2 years.

This is how my clients have had SOLD OUT LAUNCHES, 45k months, enjoyed their content process again, figured out their "WHY" and have created more JOY and income for themselves than ever before.


And as a 6/2 Projector teacher that I am, I want to to teach you the secret sauce.

AND GET THIS...for only $44.44

When you begin to prioritize your content, everything in your business begins to feel FUN, EASIER and you attract people into your life like you've never seen.

LET YOURSELF be self expressed.

Let yourself understand HOW to create content that invokes emotion.

Let yourself understand how to position yourself as a LEADER + Authority.

Allow yourself to CONNECT to your community.

It's alllll going down at 1pm EDT on 9/12/22

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