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Get F*cking Happy
BiZ Edition

Maybe you don’t know how or what you want to say online, but you know it's time to make a change. 


You're used to taking action. You're used to knowing exactly what to do to get you where you want to be, but you're not getting the results you expected. 

You can normally just "do the thing" but right now, it doesn't feel like this. 


You’re ready for more but feel paralyzed with the fear of failure.  But, really part of you wonders, is success even scarier?  

How can we have more fun in our businesses? How can we enjoy our days more? What would it look like to have more freedom? To have a sustainable business? To make a lot of money and also feel really good?


Can I really make money from what sets my soul on fire?  


Your whole body knows that the answer to that last question is YES.

More is meant for you.


A three week powerful and potent group coaching program for the business owner who: high achieving, ambitious and ready to get out of her OWN way.

...can feel in her body that it’s time to SHOW UP. willing to believe that it doesn’t have to take forever to get closer to the life she wants

...knows a successful business is possible once she is aligned to her purpose

...wants to learn to trust herself and her intuition in a more powerful way ready to have a lot more fun and ease in her business.


You don’t need to know where you’re going, 

You just need to know you’re READY TO GO!

I know what you're thinking.

“Catie, this all sounds great, but I’m scared to put myself out there, I’m scared to join, I’m scared to change, etc.” 

I know. 


I invite you to use this opportunity to learn to work with and through your fear. If everything else feels like too much, make this your only goal -- because that alone will be life changing.


You do not have to create any specific business goals that you’re afraid you’re going to “fail” to do. After 3 weeks of learning how to STOP putting anxiety at the center of everything, and START pursuing joy and ease, you are going to feel differently than you do right now. 


You are going to be supported not just “where you’re at,” but also invited to embrace your desire for change and never feel ashamed to want more. 


What we are covering (it's so good, you won't want to miss it):

Demolishing Limiting Beliefs, Imposter Syndrome + Fear of Visibility

Understanding People Pleasing + Boundaries in Business

Implementing Human Design (YOU'LL GET a FREE 30 MINUTE READING!) 

Wealth Consciousness + Money Mindset + True Abundance 

a note about fear

I’m scared every time I invest in something. If you feel afraid and excited at the same time, I encourage you to take the leap if your soul is calling you to do it. Fear can expand us.

You’re ready to GET F*CKING HAPPY If:


You’re scared to do something new...but your soul is calling you to move forward. 

You crave a community who supports your growth and who needs you to support them in theirs too. 

You want to ENJOY your business and make money in a FUN way. 

You are ready to make your own HAPPINESS a priority. 


What could change in 3 weeks? 

It’s not for me to say what will be different, because everything could be different

• More intuition

• Less self doubt

• More fun

• Less grasping for control

• More money

• Peace & ease in marketing

• New friends who want to see you thrive

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