Get F*cking Happy: The Program

Get F*cking Happy: The Program

Feel like you’ve lost your joy?

Your true self?

Your purpose?

Wondering who you were before the world taught you otherwise? 


If you’re anything like me, you can relate. I searched for happiness everywhere, as if it was something outside of me. I searched for it in my body size, friendships, romantic relationships, my career, my children, new homes, different cities.


The everlasting joy never came. That elusive happiness that we hear about- I would grasp it for a moment, then POOF! It disappeared as quickly as it came. Because my anxiety and fear would attack and take over, every single time.


So I started to question... what was it?! How could I have everything “on paper” and still be unhappy?


I realized I was searching for happiness everywhere except within myself.


Get F*cking Happy is my 5-week program. You’ll learn how to reclaim your joy no matter your circumstances, live the life you deserve, and become who you were before the world expected you to change.


EB rate: $333

Regular: $555


We start July 1, 2021 at 1 PM EST. See you there!!