Pivot Mastermind

Pivot Mastermind

In 2020, I hit a breaking point. I just didn’t want to ONLY be an eating disorder and body image coach anymore. I had niched myself so hard that I felt suffocated.  I felt helpless and powerless to get out. I was scared. Scared that I had to keep doing it because I needed income. Scared that I would always be known as the “eating disorder girl.” Scared I would lose my business, my followers, my impact. 


It took me a while to realize it was ME who was in my own way. There weren't any external reasons I “couldn’t do it.”  I was ALLOWED to change, to do whatever I want, but I wasn't letting myself. I was letting my fear of the unknown take over. I was letting my “what ifs” tell me that I couldn’t do it. I was paralyzed with thoughts and fears that kept me doing something that no longer felt good, that no longer felt fun. 


Until one day, I stopped. I decided that I was going to choose joy over everything. And my joy was changing my business. It would be to do what I wanted NO MATTER what. It would be to talk about what felt fun and aligned. It would be to connect to my audience in a different way. 


This mastermind is about helping you through your own process of pivoting in your business. RISE: Pivot to your Purpose is about letting yourself shine. It’s about letting yourself do the things you’re scared to do. It’s about doing the inner and mindset work to get you to the place your soul knows it can go. 


We make pivoting such a big deal. We get SO in our heads about it. We are living in so much fear, so much lack, so much scarcity. I will show you how to move through that space so you can confidently, abundantly and joyfully make the changes you desire in your business.


We meet 1/x a week for 5 weeks beginning August 5th @ 11am EST. 

Modules include: Fear/Limiting Beliefs, Human Design, Soul Aligned Purpose, Your unique offer and voice/Q+A