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Philips 713x Tv Pci Tuner Card Driver Download Windows 7 (April-2022)




thank you tensorpudding: that cannot happen anyway, grub2 is based on the same codebase as grub legacy, so theoretically it should be backwards compatible, so you should be fine but I have no experience with grub2 llutz: yeah, i've had the problem like that once, and then the driver just worked llutz: it's weird alex[9] : I just set your user password to something else and it prompted me again. So the problem is definitely with that file Need help to add a printer! Please see MrHacks: the livecd worked well... (with previous distro) jrib: any idea why llutz: oh, i'm using this module: nvidia_legacy alex[9] : not really, it didn't work before and now it does? That's strange alex[9] : try this then: $ sudo mv /home/alex/.xchat2 /home/alex/.xchat2.bak tensorpudding: k, i'll take it as a nvidia-bug then levu, did you make any changes to your system during the install process? did you change any hardware drivers or anything? jrib: should i paste it? jrib: it's too long alex[9] : yes tensorpudding: /var/log/Xorg.0.log would give you some insight as to whats going on jrib: thanks! jrib: i just saved it llutz: yeah, some strange messages there, the first two being this: (II) NVIDIA: NVIDIA: Unable to read EDID for display device CRT-1 (II) NVIDIA: NVIDIA




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Philips 713x Tv Pci Tuner Card Driver Download Windows 7 (April-2022)

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