permission to get paid to be yourself

What I see in the online space are business owners focusing on legit all the wrong things. 

Yes, I said it. Lol 

They think they need fancy funnels.

Boring lead magnets. 

5,000 followers on instagram. 

And honestly, it's just not the truth. 

Too many women are *obsessing* over the "right strategy" when the truth is, there is no right strategy.

The right strategy is the one that feels really good for you + that makes you feel alive.

What I see is women not trusting themselves.

I see women who need to focus on their money wounds.

I see women who need to understand their visibility blocks and imposter syndrome.

I see women who aren't letting themselves say what they want to say.

I see women who are afraid of success and outshining people.

I see women people pleasing and offering discounts left and right


And simply, this won't yield to success or joy. 

A successful enetreprenur (a happy one) is someone who believes in themselves and trusts herself.

She is someone who works on her mindset blocks daily. 

People who want to work with you want to be in the presence of woman who loves herself.

A woman who trusts herself.

A woman who isn't perfect.

A woman who is vulnerable.

A woman who is powerful.

That is the missing link for so many.

We need to harness our personal power.

We need to realize that are no rules in business.

You can be yourself uniquely and receive massive income.

I teach this in Rebelution.

My 6 week mindset and sales program that helps you become the true leader and visionary you know you are. 

In our businesses, there are no rules.

You are free.

Permission to get paid to be you. 

This program Includes six weeks of group coaching plus a Facebook community!

I am SO EXCITED. I cannot wait to help you make more money through being YOU.



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“When I figured out I was a projector, my entire world shifted. I am so grateful I learned this about myself for ME and my business.”

- Kelsey, Therapist