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An 6 month Mastermind for the Visionary Entrepreneur who is ready to be known, seen and heard in her industry. 

👋 Helllllo friend, I’m Catie. I'm a 6/2 Emotional Projector, Aquarius, Enneagram 4, Mother of 2 babies who is here to shake sh*t up and guide you to your most sought out and self expressed self.



Marketing + Content that sells and speaks FOR YOU (We're talking posting a post and people showing in the DM's asking for the link!!) 

Your message is what allows you for to stand out in your niche/industry

Juicy soul mate vibe clients  reach out everyday from your message

Getting you asked to be on podcast interviews, being seen as an industry leader and making huge impact in your field (while also being highly compensated!!)

The truth is content + your message IS what get's people in the door and buying on repeat.

The heartbeat of YOU and your message is why your people want to work with you.

Your message is your impact, your legacy, your leadership. 

How do I know it works?


Every time I post a piece of content, people FEEEL it. 

Every time I post a piece of content, my Dm’s are fill with people saying “omg thank you so much for saying this."

Every time I post a piece of content, people are asking "how can I work with you?"

Every time I post a piece of content, people say “how do you do this?”

Every time I talk about something that’s on my heart, I make more money. (The best part: this of course works for me.. but this is what my clients are experiencing in their businesses EVERY.SINGLE.DAY)

It WORKS because your message is WHO you are + what you do.

Without allowing yourself to be fully seen + known, your soul mate clients won’t find you. 


You deserve to be seen as the industry leader that you are. 


When you begin to show up fully embodied + expressed in your content, your soul mate clients find you.

When begin to say the thing you *actually* want to say without all of the editing and over analyzing, your people find you.

When you start to show up as the powerful leader that you are through your content, people say “I’m in, how can we work together?”

When you start saying how you actually feel, this is when your 5 figure months begin and happen on repeat. 


This is what we do in Seen, the Mastermind.

What happens when you let yourself be seen and known through your message?

👉 Your people find you + ask "how can I pay you?".
👉 They ask to become your client.
👉 They pay their invoice right away.
👉 They show up for themselves, excited for their container.
👉 Your feel energized and joyful to show up and serve your clients + community.
👉 Your finally feel excited and lit up in your business.

...and everything simply starts working.

Your Mastermind, SEEN: Being seen in the online space takes Bravery, Courage and Self Love. It takes willingness to 'get it wrong' and still continue to show up for yourself and your community.  It takes support. It takes learning how to be in the arena. It takes getting used to criticism. Above all, it requires self trust.

Simply through using your voice

This mastermind is a place to BE seen. 

This mastermind is a place for you to be held.

This mastermind is a place for you to expand.

This mastermind is a place for you to receive high touch, personalized coaching. 

This mastermind is a place for you to break out of your good girl patterning and become the BOLD, VISIONARY, LEADER you know you are.

What you receive:

3 intimate group sessions monthly

Content Audits

One 1:1 call monthly

Group Voxer 

Content Queen Program 

 1800/month for 6 months

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