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"Befriend Your Body group helped me feel safe in my body. I learned so much about body neutrality and acceptance that I have finally stopped dieting and trying to embrace my body as it is now.” - EE

“Befriend Your Body group really helped me handle feelings about my body. Catie is so knowledgeable and has first had experience- which is what felt important to me. The fact that she’s in recovery really sold me on it.” - AH

“Catie is one of the top therapists I’ve ever worked with and truly has a passion for her work. She utilizes a remarkably intuitive and genuine approach. She is genuine, kind and listens with both her head and heart. Catie stands by the belief that we all want to bring our best selves into our daily lives, our families and relationships. It’s reassuring to know Catie has also done her own work with her eating disorder and it’s obvious in how she shows up for work.” - SS

“Through the giggles, the tears, and even the silence, Catie has been there when it felt like no one else was, never failing to remind me of how proud she is.”  - AB

“I didn’t feel for a second that I was observed or judged, and instead, like I was being heard — for the first time in a while. When nothing feels right, talking to Catie does, revamping my energy and will to push through the uncomfortable, and see the wonder in doing so. Catie’s impact doesn’t expire when our sessions conclude each week, and in fact, it is the opposite. Because of Catie, I am equipped with a constantly-expanding toolbox, which has — two years later — brought me to a place where I can say with the utmost confidence that I see the beauty in the same things that previously haunted me and paralyzed me.” - AA

“I have seen a lot of therapists and I never felt like I was getting what I needed until I met Catie. I have always felt 100% comfortable to say whatever comes to mind. I know our sessions are safe, completely judgment free and I learn about myself every single time. I truly cannot say enough great things about Catie and how life changing our work together has been.” 

“Working with Catie has truly changed my life. She makes therapy a safe and open space to relax and talk about any issues I’m having. Before I met Catie, I felt as though everything was out of control and the only thing I could change was my body. I restricted and engaged in many unhealthy habits in order to gain some semblance of control. Over time and working with Catie, I realized that unfortunately, changing your body does not equal changing your mindset or the things around you. ” - GR

“I’ve had some really tough experiences with treatment professionals in the eating disorder field in the past, so I just want you to know that your kindness means the world to me. There are not many people who genuinely care about their clients and I’m grateful we crossed paths.” - AK

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