exude confidence • attract dream clients

You’re in your zone when you’re helping people, but the marketing thing? 

It kinda feels like…idk, torture? 😂.


Selling feels hard. 

It’s tiring, plus it’s vulnerable AF!


And the clients who DO find their way into your world are…often less than ideal. 

Do you go on a shame spiral about your offers and your prices? 

Are you stuck feeling like your business has to be for everyone?

Do you feel pressured to say Yes to anyone who is willing to pay you?


Do you overthink every word you say on social media, because you’re scared of being misunderstood or of putting people off? 

You know your work changes lives, so why is it so hard to INVITE people in and have the right people say HELL YES? ⚡️


Right now, maybe you’re trading too much of your time for money, and you’re running out of time to trade.


So how do you make more money if you’re out of time, out of energy, and you’re scared to change anything because you’re afraid your business is gonna break? 

👋 Oh, hey. I’m Catie.

In 2020 I went on a deep dive for all the answers to fix my business. 

Here’s what I found: 




There wasn’t enough Me in the way I served my clients.

There wasn’t enough Me when it came to choosing my schedule.

There wasn’t enough Me involved in how I showed up. There was a lot. But not enough. 

And there wasn’t enough self love involved in how I designed my services or charged for them.


Does that sound too fluffy? Let me ask you this: 


What happens when a woman becomes self-led? 

👉 Her people find her.

👉 They ask to become her client.

👉 They pay their invoice right away.

👉 They show up for themselves, excited for their sessions.

👉 They experience amazing growth.

👉 They ask to re-sign for another package. 


It’s not too good to be true. It’s Dream Client GPS. 

Dream Client GPS: learn exactly why your marketing isn’t bringing dream clients into your business, and how to create consistent sales without becoming someone you’re not.


Here’s what you’ll learn:


✏️ Your human design profile: How to design the business that’s MADE for you so that you’re happy and fulfilled instead of drained.

✏️ Your Ideal client: Exactly who to speak to in your marketing so that your efforts actually turn into payment notifications.

✏️ Your social media presence: Are you just inspiring people, or are you actually marketing? Get crystal clear on what type of content sells and what doesn’t. 

✏️ Self trust: Learn how to chill out even when it feels like nothing is working (👈 this is the “hack” to making your business an explosive success in 2022 and beyond, and I’m going to teach you what this looks like in your everyday biz operations!)


How do I know these steps can explode your business?


Because this is exactly how *I* went from being an overworked and exhausted therapist earning $120 an hour, to a six-figure business-owner in 12 months. 


This is exactly how I learned how to stop quitting on myself and instead, start letting my own desires lead the way. 


And it’ll be my pleasure to teach you. 


There’s no shame in this game: 

🙃 I know you look at other people online and wonder how they’re crushing it while you’re not.

🙃 I know you’re afraid to niche down too far because you don’t want to lose people.

🙃 I know you’ve tried “putting yourself out there,” but it feels SO vulnerable and so far, the return has *not* been consistent. 


If your business feels like a broken record of the question 

“Am I doing this right?” 

then you need to figure out your DREAM CLIENT GPS. 


Learn the simple strategies for attracting IDEAL clients into your world.


Lean into your unique human design to understand your deepest purpose and make burnout a thing of the past.


Understand exactly how to reach *your* people on social media 


Know what action to take when it feels like nothing is happening, and how to be consistent when you’re wondering if you should quit!

✨ Total Investment is $997 ✨



“Investing with Catie has been the best decision I’ve made in my business. I feel powerful and in control of my business!”

- Steffanie, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach


“Working with Catie helps me feel better as a person and show up so much better as a leader in my business.”

- Louise, Recovery Coach 


“I am so grateful I took the plunge and invested in my business with Catie. Learning human design has truly been so transformational for me and my business.”

- Allison,  Media Strategist

“Catie really knows her content, she has created such successful businesses and everyone needs to go learn from her immediately.”

- Sarah R, Dietitian 


“When I figured out I was a projector, my entire world shifted. I am so grateful I learned this about myself for ME and my business.”

- Kelsey, Therapist