I have a secret!!

Since January 2021, Catie Lynch Coaching has surpassed 210k CASH!! ! I almost can’t believe I can say that. And obviously, the 6/2 that I am, has to share ALL OF the TEA!!

This has all been through ORGANIC marketing. No paid ads. No funnels. No co- coaches. It’s all been ME. Showing up as myself with some obviously good strategy!

In this masterclass, I will be talking about:

  • The journey to this place

  • Content

  • Attraction Marketing

  • Strategy + Mindset

  • Human Design

I am SO excited to share this with you and let you know it’s 100% possible for you, too.

Masterclass day: Thursday 6/23/22 at 11am EST

Price: $147



“Investing with Catie has been the best decision I’ve made in my business. I feel powerful and in control of my business!”

- Steffanie, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach


“Working with Catie helps me feel better as a person and show up so much better as a leader in my business.”

- Louise, Recovery Coach 


“I am so grateful I took the plunge and invested in my business with Catie. Learning human design has truly been so transformational for me and my business.”

- Allison,  Media Strategist

“Catie really knows her content, she has created such successful businesses and everyone needs to go learn from her immediately.”

- Sarah R, Dietitian 


“When I figured out I was a projector, my entire world shifted. I am so grateful I learned this about myself for ME and my business.”

- Kelsey, Therapist